Tax consulting

The tax consulting provides to our clients highly skilled services to our clients to strategic management of the tax burden to ensure the company fiscal responsibility to the Union, State and City. Our team of experts works closely in all sectors of the economy, developing technically feasible alternatives, committed with the current law and legally secures, to prevent undue disbursements or penalties arising from failure to comply with tax obligations. Listed below are the areas of coverage:
Permanent Tax Consultancy: we develop an interpretation of the complex tax rule offering a differentiated service and having vast experience in the fields of federal, state and local governments.

Labor and Social Security Consultancy: the services cover all aspects arising from labor relations and employment or contracts for services, outsourcing, partnership, concessions, licensing and franchise as well all the practices developed by the company, from hiring to the termination of employment contracts or employment  and, in addition to other ways of contraction, always aiming to the reduction of litigation (labor claims) and accidents or questioning by the authorities (Ministry of Labor and Social Security).

Tax Recovery and Tax Planning: The purpose of this company is the consultancy of tax planning, identifying the possibility of recovery of unduly paid taxes, and the analysis and interpretation of all tax laws, as well as the performance in administrative and judicial litigation including for the purpose of contesting undue reputable requirements or to postulate the repetition of the tax fully paid.

Taxation of Individuals: Our team of professions advises shareholders, individuals, to prepare the income tax return, as well as aspects related to taxation, including mergers, demerger, succession and/or corporate reorganization.

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