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Acquisition, Sale, Merger, Demerge or Consolidation Audit (Due Dilligence)

We perform audit services to support the processes of purchase, sale, merger, demerger through services...

Financial Statement Audit

The external audit services can develop on a timely manner or under a fixed regime, allowing a proactive interaction with the daily routines of the company.

Internal Audit

It can target the implementation, organization and maintenance of internal routines and controls of the organization, maximizing the results safely.

Tax and Fiscal Audit

The area of tax and fiscal audit offers highly qualified services to the strategic management of the tax burden to ensure the fiscal responsibility of companies to the Union, States and Cities.

Judicial Administrative Litigation

The Viegas Auditors has rich experience and skills to act in the administrative litigation and through its associated offices or partners, support and do the follow up in the legal sphere, including contesting undue reputable requirements or to postulate the repetition of the tax fully paid.

Business Consultancy

The consultancy includes assistance on issues related to the business life, serving issues involving contracts and business operations, such as franchising, factoring, leasing, service, rental, partnerships, agency, distribution...

Tax consulting

The tax consulting provides to our clients highly skilled services to our clients to strategic management of the tax burden to ensure the company fiscal responsibility to the Union, State and City.

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