Business Consultancy

The consultancy includes assistance on issues related to the business life, serving issues involving contracts and business operations, such as franchising, factoring, leasing, service, rental, partnerships, agency, distribution, representation, joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, among others. We also serve corporate matters, since the formation of companies, instrumentalization of corporate transactions, advising and implementing the sale of equity interests or assets paid up, among others.

Organizational Development

    Business diagnosis
    Organizational restructuring
    Planning of successions (Holding companies)
    Jobs and salaries reorganization
    Performance of evaluation

Enterprise Management Tool

    Strategic business planning
    Budget results
    Cash flow
    Management costs
    Evaluation of agricultural output
    Evaluation of economic and financial output
    Planning sales goals
    Method of pricing sales
    Planning and management of risk in business

Process Management

    Evaluation of internal controls and processes
    Operating procedurals manuals
    Internal Control System (ICS)

Business structuring and restructuring

    Definition of strategic and tactical plans
    Studies of new alternative for operational models
    Definition or rearrangement in the composition of the sources of funding
    Monitoring and adjustment of models and business processes

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