Auditors and Consultants

Viegas Auditors has experienced consultants and auditors who are in constant evolution. Their talent is guided by professionalism, capable of providing direct and efficient treatment around all Rio Grande do Sul and also, through correspondents and partners in another states.

Marino Fernandes Viegas  -  CRC/RS n° 14.868 and OAB/RS n° 17.729
Accountant and lawyer, graduated from PUC/RS, is an independent auditor and member of IBRACON. He frequented several training and improvement courses in tax law. He also is responsible for external audit and for the fiscal and tax consulting.
Marcelo Verdum Viegas  -  CRC/RS n° 068557/0-8
Accountant graduated from PUC/RS. He has several courses in auditing and tax law. He is responsible for coordinating the activities related to external audit, working on fiscal and tax consulting as well.

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