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Viegas Auditores works with auditorship and consulting for companies, with the objective to offer wide treatment, always putting quality, effectiveness,ethics and lucidity first. We are able to work with tax and business law, external audit and advice on tax matters and accounting. Our main goal is the result, creating value to our clients.


- History

Viegas Auditors and Consultants was established in 1979, in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul. Since the beginning we work with independent auditing and business consulting, with emphasis on the tax industry.
A brand with all of these years is the operational structure itself to serve the several needs of different branches of business activity, industry, commerce and services. The company quickly started to get clients all around the state.
In October 2004 with the strength of the metal-mechanic industry, it was opened the first company branch in Caxias do Sul. Giving a better work structure and agility to a growing number of clients in the region of the Serra Gaúcha.
In March 2009 as a result of an association with Referenda Consulting, we added new business opportunities in the regions of celeiro, alto uruguai, missões and fronteira oeste. In order to better serve our long time clients in this region, a branch was opened in Santo Ângelo, because we considered it was a good strategic place for us to move some of our employees, providing a better work structure for a better, faster and personalized client treatment.

- Mission
Our MISSION is to provide a service with QUALITY and EFFECTIVENESS, without ever giving up PERSONHOOD, which allow us to meet our client as if they are UNIQUE. While we put our work in action, we never stop thinking about our clients’ RESULTS, which is what we INCENSSANTLY pursue.
- Value

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